Weber Middle School
Port Washington, New York
Studio in Art Exhibit
Students as Archaeologists:
a special art history project
by 8th graders

The 8th Grade Studio in Art Class had as a guiding theme this year, world archaeology. The theme centered on ancient civilizations by interpreting visual clues left to us by early cultures. Each student selected and created an artifact based upon personal interest (family heritage, favorite studies, mystery, etc.) which was used as a central theme for investigation throughout the semester's work. Activities included library research, Internet searches, guided museum visits, guest speakers and construction of the artifact using a variety of art materials in new and inventive ways. Students set artifacts within their historic contexts with their acrylic paintings.

The culminating activity was a museum display hosted by the class. Student docents guided visitors through the exhibit providing historic background. All student projects may be viewed on this page or with links from this page.

Prehistoric Australian Alligator Fish
Hobart, Australia
Greek Theater Mask
542 - 456 BC
Chinese Vase
Shanghai, China
Ch'ing Dynasty
Australian Alligator Fish Greek Theater Mask Chinese Vase
Greek Vase
Neck Amphora
Athens, Greece 550 BC
Egyptian Tablets
Temple of Isis
Philae, Egypt 6th Century BC
Warsaw, Poland 1939
Greek Vase
Egyptian Tablets
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1/26/1999 Project designed and conceived by Weber MS Art Teacher Ann Barish