Sharpen Your Skills
K - 1

I. Mathematical Reasoning

Gridlock  (2 player game)

 II. Number Sense & Operations
Number Recognition & Counting

Count us In (Number words)

Count the Ants!

Target Practice

How Many? (Count to 10)

Let's Count

Post a Letter (Needs Sound)

Word Game (Numeral & written name)

Hundreds Chart

100 Hunt

Give the Dog a Bone

Place Value

Base Ten (Rods and cubes)

Dino Place Value (10 + a single digit number)


How Many?

Shark Numbers

Compare & Order

Fishy 2's (Counting by twos)

Guess My Number (To 100)

Frog Hops

Octopus Game (10 more than)

Spooky Sequences (Count back by ones)

Spooky Sequences (Missing number-2 digits)


Ghost Blasters Even

Ghost Blasters Odd


100 Hunt  +10

Addition Machine

Bridge Doubles

Catch Ten

Catch Ten

Count Us In

Froggy Hops

Addition Scramble

Two More Than


10 Less Shoot Out

100 Hunt  -10

Alien Subtraction (Missing #)

Subtraction Machine

Subtraction Scramble

Target Take Away

Two Less Than

Addition & Subtraction

Around the World in 80 Seconds

Cross the Swamp (Addition or subtraction)

Dude's Dilemma (Your Choice)_

Math Magician (Your Choice)

Math Playground (Word problems)

III. Patterns, Functions, & Algebra
Patterns & Functions

Pattern Blocks

Pattern Player

V. Spatial Sense, Geometry, & Measurement
Spatial Sense

Symmetrizer (Demonstrates symmetry)

Geometry and Measurent

Jigsaw Puzzle Size-Up

Can You Fill It?

Poddle Weigh-In

Weigh It Up

Time and Money

Stop the Clock

Set the Time

The Story of Money

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