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K - 1

Try some of the problems below. You may need some paper, a pencil and an adult. So...go get them, then get started...

(Explain your thinking to the adult, they'll be impressed at how you solve these!)

Adam has 3 cats and Katherine has 2 dogs. How many pets do they have together?

On my way to the park I saw 3 birds, 5 squirrels and 1 dog. How many animals did I see?

In the town pond there are 9 fish. 7 are red. The rest are black. How many fish are black?

My son Adam was drawing a picture. This is what he drew: square, circle, circle, square, circle. What should Adam draw next in his picture?

I took a tour on a double-decker bus in New York City. I noticed that there were 8 people on the bottom level and 7 people on the top level (I'm one of the 7). How many people were on the bus?

On its way downtown the Main Street bus had 12 passengers. When it stopped on Northern Blvd., 5 people got off.. How many people were left on the bus?

Natalie and her family sat down to breakfast. They were all waiting for some nice, warm waffles. There are 9 people in her family, but Dad only made 7 waffles. How many more waffles does Dad need to make?

The nest in my tree has 4 baby robins. The mother robin brings 8 worms to the nest. If each baby gets an equal number of worms, How many worms does each baby get?

Michaela and Ethan were looking at kites. Michaela gave Ethan clues about the kite she likes best:

  • It has straight sides
  • It has 4 sides
  • All sides are the same length

Which kite does Michaela like best?

Jordan was playing with her bear collection. She has 2 yellow bears, 1 green bear, and 1 blue bear. She decides to line them up. The first bear in line is yellow. The last bear in line is green. The blue bear is in front of a yellow bear. What color is each bear in line?

Kenny went to the pet store with his dad. He was going to pick out a pet for his birthday. He looks at a cat, a hamster, a bird and a snake.

  • It has 4 legs.
  • It is furry.
  • It has long ears.

What pet does he choose?

Adam is a lifeguard at the town pool. He needs to count all the children in the pool but, he cannot see all the children. Nancy gives him these clues:

  • There are more than 14.
  • There are fewer than 20.
  • The number does not have an 8 in it.
  • They children can swim in teams of 3.

How many children are in the pool?

My sister Terry went shopping for shoes for her quintuplets. Each of the children tried on a pair of shoes. How many shoes did they try on?

Noelle and her team are getting ready for their basketball game at the school gym. The team they are playing against is there, too. If there are 5 girls on each team, how many people are getting ready to play?

2 - 3

Try some of the problems below. You may need some paper, a pencil and an adult. So...go get them, then get started...

(Explain your thinking to the adult, they'll be impressed at how you solve these!)

The green volleyball team has four girls and two boys. The blue team has five boys? How many girls does the blue team need to make the two teams equal?

Eleven students are lined up at the water fountain. Every other student is a boy. The first, third, fifth and seventh students are boys? Which other students are boys?

In Ms. Mathes second grade class the students are building block toweres. They want to see who can build the tallest one. The blocks are all the same size. Carl ahs stacked up three red blocks, four yellow blocks and two blue ones. Jenna has four red ones, five yellow ones, and one blue one. Sage doesn't have any red ones, but she has sevev yellow ones and one blue one. Who has the tallest tower? Who has the shortest?

Micahel has six toy cars on his his shelf. Adam has eight action figures on his shelf. How can Michael and Adam share the toys so that they have the same number of toys on their shelves?

My son Adam plays football with his team on Sundays. A touchdown is worth six points. A field goal is worth three points. In his first game of the season the team made two touchdowns. In the second game they made five field goas. In the third game they made one touchdown and three field goals. In the fourth game they made two touchdowns and one field goal. Make a chart to show the number of touchdowns and fieldgoals they made at each game. In which game did they make the most points? In which game did they make th least points?

It was very hot and sunny at the beach. Four umbrellas were up for shade. Four people were sitting under each umbrella. How many people were in the shade?

My family and I went to the local Chinese restaurant for dinner. We like to use chopsticks when we eat. If there are four people in my family (including me), how many chopsticks will we need?

At the aquarium's touch tank there were five starfish. A starfish has five arms. How many arms are in the touch tank (not including the people's arms!)? How many if there were six starfish?

Adam, William and Mary were goin to the Sweet Shoppe. Adam has 2 dimes, a nickel and a penny. William has 1 dime, 2 nickels and 10 pennies. Charley has 3 dimes, 1 nickel and 0 pennies. Who has the most money? Who has the least money? If they put all their money together, how much money would they have?

There are 11 players on a footbal team. There are two teams on the field. The coach brough 18 helmets. Do we have enough for all the players. If not, how many more helmets will we need?

At the end of the footbal game both teams are on the field again. How many shoes are on the field (Don't count the referees or coaches, just players)?

At the school holiday sale I bought three book marks for ten cents each and three pencils for five cents each. I had 50 cents to spend. Did I have enough money? How much money did I spend?

Write a story to go with this number sentence. Make a picture to match. Then provide the answer. 14 - ____ = 9

Our school is having a plant sale. Tulips cost 20 cents, daisies 5 cents, daffodils 10 cents, roses $1.00, and lilacs 50 cents. Arrange the flowers so that the least expensive ones will be on th left-hand side, and the most expensive ones on the right-hand side.

If you have $1.00. How many of each flower can you buy?

Katherine, Nicole, Lauren and Megan were collecting sea shells. Katherine found six shells. Nicole found nine more than Katherine. Kristen found three more than Nicole. Danielle found half as many as Kristen.. How many shells did each person find? How many shells did they find altogether?

Write a story that goes with this number sentence. Make a drawing to match. Then provide the answer. 5 x 7 = ______

Maria's mom bought 3 pizza pies. Each pie has 8 slices. How many slices would each person get if there were: 3 people? 4 people? 6 people? 8 people? twelve people?

Write a story to go with this number sentence. Draw a picture to match. Then provide the answer. 76 - ____ = 54

There are 12 people on Lauren's gymnastics team. At the competition, each person held 4 flags as they entered the gym. How many flags did Lauren's team have?

Make a shape with 6 angles. What is the name of this shape.

Make a shape with 5 angles. What is the name of this shape.

Which shape can easily be divided into two equal parts? A shape with 3 angles, a shape with four angles or a shape with five angles?

Write a story to go with this number sentence. Draw a picture to match. Then provide the answer. ____ + 65 = 93

Kids were lining up to buy Michaela's lemony lemonade. Michaela and her friend Ryan sold 1 slice in the first minute, and 6 slices in the second minute. They sold 11 slices in the third minute, and 16 slices in the fourth minute. If the pattern continued, how many slices did they sell in the fifth minute?

Our third-grade class went on a field trip to Waterworld. At the park, 17 students went on the flume ride, 18 students went on the mega slide, and 10 students went on both rides. How many students were on the trip?

Jordan is decorating cookies on a cookie sheet with red, green and yellow candies. She put each color on the same number of cookes. One third ot the cookies have red candies. She put red candies on 10 cookies. How many cookies did Meg decorate?

Natalie, Eric and Ethan are having a group picture taken. They are trying to decide how they will sit for the picture. How many different ways can they sit together?

Johnny and his family are at the City Museum. There are 3 shows they want to see: The Laser Light Show, the Space Show and the Prehistoric Show. They're not sure in what order to see the 3 shows. How many different ways can they see the 3 shows?

Nathan had 6 cards in his hand;4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9. He pulled out 3 cards. The 3 cards have a sum of 16. Which 3 cards did Nathan pick?

Find the pattern for the numbers below. Then complete the pattern.

2, 8, 14, 20 ___, ___, ___

Describe the pattern you found.

Chrissy needs to make a lot of sandwiches for her family picnic. It takes 5 minutes for her to make 3 sandwiches. How many sandwiches can Chrissy make in 30 minutes?

4 -5

Try some of the problems below. You may need paper and pencil. So...go get them, then get started...

(Explain your thinking to the adult, they'll be impressed at how you solve these!)

The Ice Cream Shoppe has 6 different flavors of ice cream: chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, orange, peach and banana. Brian and Shoshanna were were getting a double-scoop cone. How many different two-flavor combinations they can pick?

Emily walked a total of 30 blocks in 5 days. Each day she walked 3 more blocks than she had the day before. How many blocks did Emily walk on the first day?

Ethan got money for his birthday. He spent half the money on a T-shirt. He spent half of what was left on baseball cards. After he spent $1.00 on popcorn, he had $4.00 left. How much money did Ethan get for his birthday?

Danny, Daniela, Doug, Diane and Dave are the only people on the ticket line at the movies. Use the clues below to find out who is Danny's best friend.

The first and last people in line are boys.

Dave is not first or last.

Daniela is standing right between Doug and Diane

Danny's best friend is standing right in front of him in the line.

Who is Danny's best friend?

Get a square piece of paper. Fold one corner so that you can't see the folded part. Name the new shape you have left. How many different shapes can you make with just one fold?

Jane was elected president of her after-school club. She got 7 times as many votes as her opponent. If her opponent got 20 votes, how many votes did Jane get?

The fourth grade was having a bake sale. They had 349 cupcakes. During the first lunch period they sold 102 cupcakes. During the second lunch period they sold 283 more cupcakes. How many cupcakes do they have now?

Julia and her family went out for pizza. they spent $15.99 for pizza and $8.99 for soda. If they pay the cashier $30.00, how much change will they get back?

Jennifer works in the town bakery on the weekends. She earns $5.00 per hour. If Jennifer works 8 hours per day, how much does she earn in one day. How much does she earn for the weekend?

Isabelle needs enough ribbon to go around the perimeter of her blanket. If her blanket measures 45 inches by 60 inches, how many inches of ribbon will she need to buy?

Rosemary is working on a puzzle that is 72 inches wide. Her table is 5 feet wide. How many inches wide is the table? Will Rosemary's puzzle fit?


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