U.S. Government and History

The States
Drag the States
Where They Belong
State Facts
Place the States
The 50 States
The States, the Capitals and More
State Fun Facts
Kids Next Door
Interactive Map of Commuities
BrainPop Jr. -- Community Movie
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Washington D.C.,
Presidents and

Political Candidates
Meet political candidates of the past
Ben's Guide to U.S. government
Information about U.S. government. 
American Presidents

White House
Tours and history of the White House and its inhabitants.

Early American
and the Colonies
The Thirteen Colonies
The beginning of America
Colonial House
Meet the colonists
Colonial Williamsburg
Links about America's Colonization
Jamestown Adventure
Early America
Archives of early American History
Early American Moments
Films of historical moments 
Animated Atlas
Watch the Growth of a Nation
Social Studies for Kids
All to do with US History
US History Hot Link List
US History

Explore, learn, have fun
First Gov for Kids

History of Money
Information about US currency
America's Library
Stories of America

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Cloud formations in pictures
Weather Channel
Weather and weather trivia
World Weather
Weather from around the world
Weather Forecasts
Current storm information and weather forecasts
USA Today Weather
Weather in each state
National Weather Service
Our nation's weather

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Whales and Ocean
Whale Net
Site for whale watches
Franklin Institute Oceans
Past, present and future of our oceans
Whale Photo Gallery
Photos of whales, dolphins and porpoises
Whale Encyclopedia
An encyclopedia for whale information

National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration
What is the U.S. government doing about the ozone in our atmosphere and our endangered oceans

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Telling Time
Set the Clock
What time is it?
Learn to tell time
Stop the Clock
Beat the Clock
Telling Time Websites
Blackdog's Clock Game
Flashcard Clock

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Owl Study
Owl Pages
Listing of links to owl sites
Learn About Owls
at Enchanted Learning
Large selection of owl information
Owls @ The Aviary
Owl Information
Information and other owl site links
Information on owls

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Space the Final

Shuttle Web
Keep up-to-date on the space shuttle

NASA Exploration

Welcome to the Planets

An astronaut's view of earth from space

Star Child

NASA Kid's Club

Kids Astronomy

Zoom Astronomy

Our Solar System

Children in Space

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National Museum of the American Indian
Museum links about Native Americans

Ellis Island Immigration Museum

Franklin Institute Science Museum
Take science quizzes, watch movies, and listen to sounds.

Explore the Smithsonian Institute

American Museum of Natural History

Museums in the United States

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Visit to Asia


Find out all about Asia


China Search Engine

Great Wall of China and other info

China for Beginners

Ediable Journey through China

Visions of China

A Country Study

Chinese Culture and Cuisine

Gobi dessert

Gobi Desert Mysteries

Stepping Into the Gobi Desert

Mt. Everest

On-Line Adventure of Mount Everest

Everest Expedition

National Geographic Celebrates 50 Years of Everest

Interview With Sir Edmund Hillary

Climbing Everest

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Animals and Dinosaurs

Animal Diversity
Complete collection of animal information and pictures.

Find out how dinosaurs lived and why they died out

Animal Planet
Explore the Discovery Channel's animal site

Learn About Wildlife
Take a look at the ASPCA's Animaland

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The Amazon and Rainforest

Explore the geography of the Ecuadorian Amazon Rainforest

Information about rainforest conservation

Search for information on all types of rainforest plants and animals

What people can do to save the rainforest

Enter the Amazon and learn


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Baracuda Keyboarding
Fowl Feather Typing
Test Your Typing Smarts
Bubble Typing

Typing Games
Try more than just home row

Typing Lessons
Try more than just home row

Typing Tests
Try more than just home row

Keyboard Triathlon
Try more than just home row

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Health, Fitness and the Human Body
The Bone Quiz
Bone Yard
Put together a skeleton
How are bones connected?
Name the Bones
The Bone Challenge
The Human Skeleton

Virtual Body Tour

The Inner Body
Virtual Body Guides
Food and Drug
Nutrition and Heath
Out on a Limb
Resovling Conflicts

Kids Health
Check out the Daily Brain Buzz

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Insects, Plants and Nature
Plant Escape
How do trees grow
Let's Talk about Insects
ooey, gooey, worms
Let's Take a Walk in the Woods
Bugs, bugs, bugs
A River Adventure
Secret Life of Trees
Why is corn so important?
Rivers and the Explorers

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