Back to the Future: An Archaeological Adventure

3rd Grade P.E.P. Core Group - Winter 1999


The third grade P.E.P. core group at Guggenheim talked about observations which are based on sensory information. Then we discussed inferences: educated, logical guesses of what is going on, based on observations. We talked about the need to test inferences-not all are correct. This is especially true in the area of science, which is constantly evolving and changing.

We decided to imagine ourselves as famous archaeologists in the year 2359 who have just discovered a twentieth century house. We selected an object from our own house, wrote a detailed description of it, and explained, as an archaeologist from the twenty-fourth century who has never seen the object before, what its purpose was-but our inference about the object's purpose must be intentionally INCORRECT. We then had an Archaeological Convention to share our "discoveries" and try to determine what the ACTUAL object was.

Why don't YOU give it a try?

20th Century Toy
The Edible Pen
20th Century Adding Machine
Amazing Discovery!
Fire Powered Machine
Ancient Weapon
Ancient Pencil Holder
Hair Clip Found
Mysterious Paper Poker
20th Century Discovery!
The Wacky Discovery
Century News!

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