Terrific Trips of the Past, Present & Future!

By Nikki B. and Mariel O.

Graphic by Taara S.

Web design by Joey M.



Have you been wondering what field trips you are going on before the end of the school year? Are you going to the Bronx Zoo, or how about the Voyage of the Mimi? For the past, present, and future trips, this article will give you that information from A to Z.

The kindergartners went to the Bronx Zoo in June. They studied zoo animals and animal life. In June they also went to the Children’s Museum. Brian N. in Mrs. Ghingo’s class says before the trip, "I can’t wait to go on the trip! It should be so much fun!" Mrs. Johnson says, "The students particularly enjoy the petting zoo, for they can hand feed the animals.”

The first graders went to the Hofstra Playhouse to see a production of Charlotte’s Web. The field trip happened in May. "The children learned about friendship. The parts they liked the best were the bus ride and the play," says Mrs. Smith before the trip. “This is also the first time we are seeing this play.”

Tom B. of Mrs. Kanterman’s class says before the trip, “ I am really looking forward to the trip. It will be funny!”

The second graders went to the Planetarium to continue their study on the solar system. The trip was in June. Ricki S. says before the trip, “ I can’t wait for the trip. I love to study the solar system.” Grace W. says before the trip, “This trip should be fun. I can’t wait!”

The third graders went to Green Meadow Farm at the end of April. They were learning about farm animals and farm life. In the end of May, they will be going to Theodore Roosevelt Sanctuary to study Theodore Roosevelt, and learn about tide pools. Tommy B. in Mrs. Haworth’s class says before the trip, “I can’t wait to go to Green Meadows Farm, and see all the animals! I had a great time when I went in first grade, and I bet I will have fun this time!”

The fourth graders went on a boat trip around Long Island Sound. The trip happened in May. In April they went to Raynham Hall. They also went to the Brookville Experience which is in Brookville. “This is the first time we are going. We will learn about outdoor education, the colonial times, and the crafts that they did,” said Mrs. Betsch before the trip. They went in June. Sam S. of Mrs. Mulqueen’s class said before the trip, “I am looking forward to this trip. It will be fun!”

The fifth graders went on the Voyage of the Mimi trip in Connecticut. The trip happened in the beginning of May. In June, they went on a one night, two day trip to Boston, Massachusetts. Julie S. in Mrs. Schneider’s class says before the trip, “I really can’t wait for the Boston trip! We are going to a baseball game and everything!” Matt G. in Mrs. Miller’s class says before the trip, “I can’t wait to go on the Mimi. We will be learning a lot, and it should be fun.”

Now that you know what trips you have gone on this year, do you know what trips you are going on next year? Guess you'll have to wait and find out!

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