Awesome Book Reviews For Summer Reading

by Sam R. & Mike M.

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What are you reading? If you need some great books to read this summer, this article is for you. Here are some books that kids like and a little summary about them.

1. Yoko - This book is about a little girl who brings sushi in to share with her class, and nobody wants to try it. She is very upset. Then a boy decides to try the food that she brought in. He tells everyone it is good, and the other kids want to try it. Will everybody think it is icky or say it’s good and become friends with Yoko? Grades K-1

2. Baloney - This book is about an alien who goes to school on Earth, and he speaks in a different language which nobody can understand. This mysterious language is annoying people. Can they decipher it or will it remain a secret forever? Grades 2-3

3. Stormbreaker - This book is about a boy named Alex whose only living relative is his uncle, who is a banker and is killed in a car crash. Alex finds out that his uncle was a spy and he was killed by bullets. His uncle’s boss wants Alex to become a spy and investigate a factory that makes stormbreakers. Will Alex get killed or will he stop the evil stormbreakers from being produced and save the world? Grades 4-5

4. The Eyes of the Killer Robot - This book is about a boy named Johnny Dixon who finds parts of a robot in an abandoned house. He puts them together at his friend's house, and the next day it is gone and there is bad news. A person down the block from Johnny gets attacked by the robot and almost kills her. Can Johnny and his friends stop the killer robot, or will it keep on making the people scared? Grades 4-5

5. The Castle in the Attic - This book is about a boy whose babysitter gave him a present when she tries to go back to her country. But William stops her by making her small and he keeps her in the castle. A knight comes to life and asks William to come on his quest. William joins him on the dangerous quest. Can William and the knight complete the quest or will they fail?  Grades 4-5

These reporters hope you read these great books this summer - enjoy!


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