New and Improved!

by Jessie S.

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Have many of you have been squished in school this year and need more room? Have you been wondering when there’s going to be an extension to our building? Well, now you’ll get your wish, and this reporter is going to tell you about it!

As many of you may already know, Guggenheim is going through some changes next year, physically and emotionally. Guggenheim is going to lose its fifth graders next year. But that’s not what this reporter is writing about; she is going to tell you about the physical changes.

Many things are going to happen. One of the things that are going to happen is the green hallway is going to be pushed out farther. Now don’t you worry about the portable that’s behind it, it’s not going to be in the way, they’re going to knock that down, too. That’s why the portable is all covered up and no one can go inside it. Plus the speech rooms, resource rooms, and reading rooms are going to be upgraded and made to look nicer.

These changes are going to happen because there are more students and we need more room, especially in the green hallway because that’s where the older children are. Ms. Creash has realized our needs and has taken action. Another thing is the teachers won’t have to share rooms. For example Mrs. Field and Mrs. Rafferty are in the same room now, and next year they won’t be.

The construction will take place over the summer and effect us students in the school year of 2002-2003. The actual building will take all summer. The renovation (that’s what the changes are called) will most likely only effect the fourth and fifth graders. But eventually all of the children will experience the new part of the building.

This reporter has interviewed Ms. Creash and asked her how she feels about the renovation and all of her opinions. Ms. Creash thinks the changes will look a little different, since there won’t be as much field but still enough to play. And the green hallway will be longer, four classrooms longer. Ms. Creash feels the changes are going to be great and hopes they’re ready in September. Ms. Creash thinks the school definitely needs the changes! Especially since more and more kids want to come to Guggenheim! She says that the only downside to the renovation is that if they’re not finished by next September it might interrupt the students.

These changes are going to be thrilling, It’s going to give us kids much more room to learn and have fun doing it.


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