Teacher Mysteries

By Jessie S. and Emily W.

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Well, you readers told us. You told us that you liked the Teacher Mysteries from our last issue. So, here we are, giving them to you again! For those of you that didn’t read the Teacher Mysteries last issue, here’s what you have to do: read the clues for each teacher and see if you can guess who they are. We have six different teachers with five new clues for each. So, have a good time and good luck!


- Favorite sports team is the Port Vikings

- Is currently working in Mrs. Polkes’ class

- Birthday is July 13

- Loves to spend time with her children

- Favorite color is green



- Likes the Yankees

- Has one daughter named Mallory

- Teaches 21 students

- Birthday is August 15

- Loves to shop


- Favorite animal is a dog

- Favorite color is blue

- Has taught in Port for 32 years and at Guggenheim for 17

- Loves to practice instruments

- Has one daughter Kari, and a son, Aaron



- Favorite food is Devil Dogs

- Has been teaching here for two years

- Teaches second grade

- Likes to snowboard

- Birthday is June 29



- Before Guggenheim taught at P.S. 64Q

- Loves the 49ers

- Has one dog, Buddy

- Favorite kind of food is Mexican food

- One sister, Nicole, and two brothers, John and Phil

- Likes to play soccer



-Favorite colors red and blue

-Favorite subject to teach is social studies

-Has been teaching for 31 years

-Likes dogs

-Has taught Kindergarten, 4th, 5th, 6th and Pre- School


Well these reporters hope you guessed correctly! And that you had a good time! The answers can be found by using this link, and wwe hope you learned a lot about the staff of Guggenheim.

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