Here Today... Missed Tomorrow!

by Nikki B.

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One retirement that will have an effect on all of us is the retirement of our school secretary. Can you guess who that is? If you guessed Mrs. Lichten, you are one hundred percent right! Mrs. Lichten retired at the end of May. In this article you will find all the information on Mrs. Lichten, from what she was going to be before she became a secretary, to what she is planning to do after she retires!

I bet you are very excited to hear about our favorite secretary and her retirement. When this reporter interviewed Mrs. Lichten, she went deeper inside than just her retirement...

The first question that this reporter asked Mrs. Lichten was, how long have you been a secretary at Guggenheim? Mrs. Lichten responded, “I have been working here for eighteen years.” The next question was, what has been your best memory here at Guggenheim? Mrs. Lichten said, “On September eleventh, everybody worked as a team, and the staff worked really well together. We all cooperated on that day. There was respect and trust for everyone.” The third question was, what are you planning to do after you retire? Mrs. Lichten’s answer was, “My husband and I bought a home in Montauk, and we are planning to spend time there. We like to travel and expect to do it a lot. We have three grandchildren, and are expecting a fourth. My daughter is getting married, and we are going to celebrate.” The following question was, what is your favorite thing to do outside of school? Mrs. Lichten’s reply was, “I like to read, do crosswords, and spend time with my grandchildren.” I think we all realize that Mrs. Lichten LOVES to spend time with her grandchildren! The fifth question was, what are you going to miss about Guggenheim? Mrs. Lichten’s answer was, “I am going to miss the staff and children. Everyone is so wonderful here.” We can also tell that Mrs. Lichten loves everyone here at Guggenheim, as well as her grandchildren. The next question was, what are some of your hobbies? Mrs. Lichten explained, “I love to read, make needlepoint, walk along the beach, and go fishing on the, ‘Joy IV.’” The sixth question was, what inspired you to become a secretary? Mrs. Lichten responded, “I wanted to become a secretary because of the children. They are just so great to be around with.” The last question was, what would you want to be if you weren’t a secretary? Mrs. Lichten said, “I would become the first woman president.” When this reporter asked her why, she explained, “I would become president because if I can run a school office, I can definitely run the government!"

After this interview, this reporter came back with tons, and tons, and TONS of information about Mrs. Lichten that she used in this article. Mrs. Lichten has been a fantastic and great secretary, but most of all a loving secretary who cares about every single one of the students in Guggenheim. Her retirement will have an effect on everyone in this school. We will miss her a LOT and we all wish her a...


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