Can You Believe It...

by Samantha G.

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Yes, Mr. Makover is retiring after 37 years hard at work to teach us here at Guggenheim School. Can you believe he will not be our Physical Education teacher any more? Nothing will be the same. The gym will be empty without him!

When asked what his favorite time of day is, he said, “My favorite time of day is my daily jog at noon.” And we all know that Mr. Makover runs every day at noon. He used to run with Mrs. Werter, but this year he ran by himself after she retired.

Mr. Makover has always enjoyed his work here at Guggenheim. In fact, if he wasn’t retiring to do other things, he would still be happy to keep working here.

Dedicating the softball field to Mr. Lovett is one of his favorite memories of Guggenheim. Mr. Makover said, “Mr. Lovett is like a brother to me.”

On the weekends Mr. Makover loves to play tennis, go to the movies, and play with his grandchildren. He always goes on picnics, trips, and cookouts with his family.

Nicole G. says, “He is a great gym teacher and he is very nice.” Patricia R. says, “Mr. Makover is great.” Some of the games that he has played with us over the years are Pinball/Basketball, Capture the Flag, Boundary Ball, and Kickball. He also helps make up the exercises for A.C.E.S. with Mrs. Vogeley.

Even though he will not be our Physical Education teacher after this June, he will still work at Pierce Day Camp during the summer and coach the Schreiber High School tennis teams, both boys and girls, so you will still see him around town. He will miss us, the kids, but most of all we will miss him.

Now we can all see that Mr. Makover is a whole lot more than a Physical Education teacher! We wish him a lot of happiness in his retirement.


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