Your “Fav” Guggenheim Days

by Stephen N.

Graphic by Michale C.

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2001-2002, what a great school year! What is meant by this is all the wonderful days that we all remember; the days that something good happened to us. These are the days we all remember and love.

Favorite days of the year vary in many ways. Some people have a favorite day because they went out to play kickball. Jeff D. said, “My favorite day was the day I did good at kickball for the first time.” Or Adam E.'s favorite day this year so far: “My favorite day of the year so far was the first time Mrs. Mulqueen took our class out to play kickball.”

The most popular memories to most people are the days they had a celebration. Jillian B. said, “My favorite day was Valentine’s Day because it was also the 100th day of school.” Ryan K. told us, “I liked it best on Halloween because we had a party and it was fun.” Those must have been very memorable days to these kids. There are even more memories about celebrations, like Kimberly S. who said, “January 23 was special because it was my birthday!” Carolena R. excitedly told us, “The first day of school was great because it was my friend’s birthday!” There are even more people who have a memory on their or their friend’s birthday. Kimberly V. said, “March 8th was my favorite because it was my birthday.” Daniel B. responded to the question by saying, “When we had a pizza party, because it was fun.”

Some people have one favorite day and you won’t believe this but it took four months of work to get to that day and then that day was their favorite. Here is what Sam S. said, “The work on the Mock Trial in PEP was the best because everybody in the fifth grade group treated me so well when we worked together, even though I'm in fourth grade!” And this is what Danielle L. said, “April 12th was my favorite day of school because it was the Mock Trial.” That must have been an exciting day and happy day, the Guggenheim Mock Trial teams won both of their cases.

What do you think about the first day of school? Is that a good memory? Well, sorry to say only these two people picked the first day of school as their favorite day. This is what Tommy B. said, “My favorite day was the first day of school, because you got to know everyone in your class.” Alex T. said something similar: “My favorite memory was the first day of school because you get to meet old and new friends.”

After reading this article, you realize what special days there were this school year. All of these are excellent memories about things from celebrations to games to hard work that paid off. This was some great year for so many people and I hope you think the same. But some of the best days may still be ahead of us in June!

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