Monicas Magnificent Memories

by Monica

graphic by Lexi

web design by Lexi P.

Monica’s Magnificent Memories is an account of my, Monica D.’s, magnificent memories of Guggenheim. I will start with my first day in Guggenheim, and end with this, the last year that I’ll be here. I started in Ms. Ross’ first grade class, and now I’m ending in Mrs. Schneider’s fifth grade class. I’m here to tell you about my personal experience in Guggenheim Elementary School.

I started in first grade, and I hardly knew anybody. I was really quiet and shy, which is a big difference from now! Ms. Ross always used to do these really fun activities with us. One that really stands out in my memory is the time when each table made a graph using Skittles and my Grandma came in to help.

In second grade, I had Mrs. Drucker for my teacher. We used to have these little blank spelling books, but we used them for math. We had little math tests, except Mrs. Drucker would write the problem on the board, and the students would write the answer in their books. I remember that I used to feel very important to have my own little book.

I had Mrs. Sutarno in third grade. She was very humorous and I really liked being in her class. We wrote lots of stories, which I enjoyed greatly. I remember that once it took me two weeks to write a story, and then I decided that I didn’t like the story! Mrs. Sutarno also gave us multiplication tests every Friday. I was never very good at them and I didn’t really like them very much.

For fourth grade, I had Mrs. Olsen, who was truly fabulous. I had so much fun in her class! She had this “humongous” plant that had a name which I forget. We used to have a spelling test every Friday. If we got 100%, then we would get a Blow Pop. I used to keep a supply of them in my backpack and eat them at lunch.

This year, I’m in Mrs. Schneider’s class. I’m loving school because of her. I am learning lots of new things and I’m having fun at the same time.

As you can see, my school experience in Guggenheim has been wonderful. I love my school as well as the teachers that work here!

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