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by Mark B.
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What video game system do you have ? Are you looking for a new one? Well this is a review of the Playstation 2, X Box and Gamecube. So see what system you like.

Playstation 2 is made by Sony which also made Playstation, the original system. The system is a big long box with two controllers, with two slots above for memory cards. And the initials on the box say PS2. There is a reset button on top of the button that opens the place where the games go in. The Playstation 2 has the most games out. It is the most popular gaming system out there today. It costs $300 and the games are about $45 each. But it is about the best system you can get. The graphics are real lifelike In the football games, you can feel the hits. This system is the one to get.

The Microsoft X Box is the biggest system in size out there today. It has four slots for four controllers. This is a very good system but the bad thing is that they get overheated. The controllers are also very big for kids’ hands. Some games have great graphics but some don’t. This system also is capable of playing a DVD like the Playstation 2 system. I asked Stephen N. his opinion: What is your favorite game? He said “I think that NFL Fever is the best game I have played on X Box.” This system is $300 and the controls are $40. This system is making more and more games, but will they be good games?

In 1981, when Nintendo 64 came out, it was a big hit. It introduced the world to arcade games. Many people who got the Nintendo GameCube are happy with the graphics. It has the same characters as the first Nintendo but the graphics are a lot better. It has four controls so many people can enjoy the games at one time. If you do not have a DVD and want one maybe you should not get GameCube because this is the only system that does not have a DVD player like the X Box and PS2. The most popular game for Nintendo GameCube is Super Smash Brothers Melee. When it came out for Nintendo, Super Smash Brothers was a big hit. The game has most of the characters that the first Super Smash Brothers had but now there are a few new characters. You can get this system in black or purple.

I hope now if you were thinking of getting one of these systems you have made a decision based on the information provided in this review. Have fun, fans!

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