Names of Fame

by Emily W. and Jessie S.

graphic by Arielle F.

Web design by Zoe P.


Do you get tired of people getting you mixed up with someone who has the same name as you? Well, you’re not alone. Some names are very popular. We’re going to tell you what those names are in each grade at Guggenheim and among the staff members.

In kindergarten the most popular boy’s name is... oooh, we have a tie! It’s between Ryan and Alexander! The names Christopher, James, Brian, and Michael are also popular. For girls, Sydney is the most popular. Then comes Nicole and close behind are Alexandra, Emily, and Elizabeth.

In first grade, for girls, the winner is...Elizabeth! For boys, Michael has won! In second place is Matthew.

In second grade let’s go and see who the winners are. For boys, the winner is...Matthew. Congratulations to all you Matthews out there! In second place comes Jake and Jacob in a tie. For the girls, the only name that more than one person has in the second grade is Samantha! Yeah, Samantha!

In third grade there is a tie for all names! There are two of each name. They are Kevin, Melissa, Jessica and Alexa. That’s amazing!

There aren’t many people who have the same name in fourth grade. There are two Jonathans and two Emilys. And some Sams, too.Wow! That isn’t many people!

Can you believe how many people have the same names in fifth grade? There are three of the name Jessicas and three Nicholases plus Matthew and Nicole once again, and there are also three Michaels. There are two Perrys in fifth grade- except one spells their name ending in a Y and one spells their name ending in an I. There are two Hillarys, except one spells their name with two Ls and one spells it with one L. The same with Aryel (Arielle). They pronounce it the same way, but they spell it differently. One spells it Aryel and one spells it Arielle. Also the same with Brian except that there are two of these Brians (Bryan). Two spell it with an I and one with a Y. Also there are two Taras (Taara) except one spells it with two As. There are also two of the following names: Emily, Jennifer, Rachel, Andrew, Douglas, Brenden, Timothy, Joseph, Amanda, Jeff, Katie, Kristen, and Nina.

These reporters also looked up on the teachers. The most popular women names go to Barbara and Debbie. Congratulations Mrs. Mayer, Mrs. Dermody, Mrs. Sarluco, and Mrs. Giebel for Barbara, and Mrs. Sellers, Ms. Postman, Mrs. Zorskas, and Mrs. Hart for Debbie! For men there aren’t many altogether, but the winner is John! Hope you’re happy, Mr. McCormack and Mr. Sficos! The other popular names for women include Karen. They are Ms. Littel, Mrs. Mulqueen, and Mrs. Picciano. There are also three Patricias and Jeans. The Patricias are Mrs. Wichard, Mrs. O'Donnell, and Mrs. Kirk. The last pair of three is Jean. Smile, Mrs. Roberts, Mrs. Hubbard, and Mrs. Vogeley. There are two Heathers and two Virginias. The Heathers are Mrs. Schneider, and Ms. O’Shea. The Virginias are Ms. Ross, and Mrs. Davis.

Well, you now know the most popular names at Guggenheim. So...did your parents pick a winner?

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