MLB Showdown


by Mariel O.

digital image by Ali S.

web design by Taylor W. And Shan S.


Do you have MLB (Major League Baseball) Showdown cards? If not, maybe you should and here are some reasons why! They are a new fad at Guggenheim and many children have them and play with other people. MLB is a fun game with easy to follow instructions.Chris L., who is a Guggenheim graduate, works at Mint Condition, a store that sells trading card game cards. Chris says that kids “moved from Pokemon to this. There are so many fans of baseball. Also kids changed because they see their friends play, so that’s why they start.”

Owen C., a 4th grader and a Showdown expert says, “I started playing in November 2001. I started playing because a lot of kids like it.” Owen has about 100 cards.According to the MLB Showdown web site, “It (MLB) is a card game where you collect and manage a team of Major League Baseball players. The game plays just like real baseball, with 9 innings, 3 outs per inning, home runs, and strike-outs.”

The first set of MLB Showdown 2001 cards has 462 different player cards and 75 different strategy cards. Of the 462 player cards, 62 are special premium holofoil cards. A complete list of the players can be found a

Do girls play MLB Showdown? Only a few. Mint Condition has an MLB Showdown League where you compete against other players. The games are on Mondays. Chris L. says that only one girl attends out of 12-15 players.It is a fun game so maybe you should give it a try, too!


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