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by Monica D.

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Mrs. Augustino, known by all as Millie


I know that the title of this article doesn’t sound so thrilling, but it’s pretty neat. Believe me. Okay, here goes.

This reporter thought that it would be cool to write an article about the history of Guggenheim through the eyes of the only person who has been here since the day that the school opened. Mrs. Augustino, Millie, so I interviewed her.

Millie told me that the school has changed in many ways. “The caterers have left, and there are no more sixth graders,” she said. This reporter also wanted to know how the food has changed over the years. “Now there is food of different nationalities,” Millie answered. “There used to be only American and Chinese food. We also used to serve Kit Kats and ice cream.” Boy, does this reporter wish they still did!

Then I asked her if the kids were any different than they used to be, and how they have changed. She told me that the kids used to be a little more polite. Not that they are rude now, it’s just how America is. She said that the kids have become a little more forward as well.

This reporter was also curious to know how the prices of lunches have changed. Actually, they have changed a lot! It used to be that a lunch was $.35 or $.25 for a lunch. Can you believe that?

The last thing that this reporter wanted to know was if Millie liked her job. To that she answered, “I love it, or I wouldn’t be here this long!”

There you have it- some of the changes that Guggenheim has been through ever since it opened.

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