Too Much? Let’s See...

By Katie M.

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Do you like competition? Do you think there’s too much or too little? If you think there’s too much, is anything being done about it? And where is the competition? During athletics, like in physical education, or is it in academics, like the scores for that really hard math test you took the other day? This reporter thinks there is too much, but nothing is really being done about it.

In physical education, some of the athletes will ask for balls if you play pinball/basketball. Sometimes people listen to them, and they hardly (if not ever) get to throw a ball. Mrs. Vogeley thinks that in older grades, competition in sometimes all right. But in younger grades, it’s for fun.

But for an older grade, is that just normal? Let’s ask Mrs. Ajello, who taught kindergarten and fourth grade, what she thinks about it, and how competition in kindergarten differs from competition in fourth grade. She thinks that children don’t take competition personally in kindergarten. If they play a team sport, they might think, ‘I want my team to win.’ but they wouldn’t think (in something one on one) ‘I want to win so badly, I’ll do anything.’ But in fourth grade, some kids take it personally (although they might not be really competitive) and think, ‘Okay, I’m up against my arch enemy. I’m going to win. I will not let this person beat me.’ And she doesn’t think it’s just in sports, either.

Now, we want kids’ opinions: Courtney S., in Mrs. Grennan’s third grade class, thinks there is too much competition. But Peter M., in Mrs. Betsch’s class, thinks that competition is good, because it’s challenging. “It’s fun to challenge.” he says. Alexa L. thinks there is too little.

Let’s see what Ms. Haworth's class thinks. A few of her students were interviewed (two boys and two girls), and they think that too much competition isn’t good, because it leads to fights, especially with siblings. They said that at baseball games it’s sometimes okay, though.

So do you still think there’s too little or too much competition? Do you like competition or not? And what is it for- math, physical education, or something else? Well, okay, you don’t have to answer. But at least you know what some other kids and adults think about it. Just remember one thing- not everyone’s competitive, and it’s for fun.


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