Jokes and Riddles To Tickle Your Funny Bone

By Mike M. and Dave M.

Graphic By Lexi P.

Web Designer Shan S.

 Here are some jokes you can tell to your friends, or just read for some enjoyment...

1.) I was running around the room and my teacher said, “Why are you running?” Then I said, “You said we were all part of the human race. I’am just training!"

2.) So a guy buys a camel and the person who is selling it to him says,”You have to say ‘few’ to make it walk, ‘many’ to make it run, and ‘amen’ to make it stop.”The man is taking the camel out for a test run and he says,”few.” The camel starts walking. Then he says, “many.” The camel starts to run straight for the end of a cliff and the man riding it forgets how to make it stop so he starts to pray. At the end, he says,”amen.” Then the camel stops at the edge of the cliff.”Phew,” the man says and the camel walks off the cliff!

3.) My teacher asked me, “Why don’t you ever pay attention?” “I paid it once,” I said, “and it didn’t pay me back!”

4.) “Why don’t you have your brains today?” my friend asked.” “I blew my nose a little too hard.”

5.) I got home and my dad asked me,”Why did you get a zero on your test?” “That’s not a zero,” I said.” It’s a moon- my teacher ran out of stars.”

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