Adventures of Guggenheim

by Mariel O. and Ferheen C.

Graphic by Katie M.

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This year we are going on some adventurous school trips. We’ll tell you about some of them. In all, from September to December, there are going to be a dozen field trips on Long Island. Some field trips have had to be changed, such as the P.E.P. trip to the Financial District in New York City. Stephen N, a fifth grade P.E.P. student says, “I feel very upset that we couldn’t go, but I am also glad we didn’t go because it wouldn’t be safe.”

The kindergarten is going to the paper bag plays at Hofstra University in December. The 1st graders are going to the Queens County Museum. The 2nd graders are going to the planetarium in June. The 3rd graders went to a play at Hofstra University and the Hall of Science.

In addition, the 4th graders are going to Fire Island, Cold Spring Harbor, and the Cold Spring Harbor Museum. When some of the fourth grade classes went on these field trips they got to “experience the geography and observe Long Island,” said Mrs. Mulqueen, a fourth grade teacher.

The 5th graders went to the Nassau County Art Museum with Mrs. Illiano to look at different pictures and learn how to sketch and shade. Juliet D. says that she liked going to the museum because she got to look at New York in olden times.

We are going to go on some exciting field trips this year. We are very lucky that our teachers plan them for us. Hope you enjoy them!

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