Feeling at Home

By Jessie S., Emily W., and Ali S.

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Everyone in Guggenheim School hopes that this year all the teachers new to our school feel at home. Eight new teachers came to our school this year. They are Mrs. Polkes, Mrs. Picciano, Mrs. Schieck, Mrs. Pfeiffer, Mrs. Miller, Mrs. Gianatiempo, Ms. Littel, and Ms. O’Shea.

Mrs. Polkes is the new kindergarten teacher in our school. Mrs. Polkes has been teaching for five years. She came from A.P. Willits Elementary School in Syosset. She is now teaching kindergarten, but she has taught first, fourth, and fifth grades before. She became a teacher because she loves working with children. She came to Guggenheim because she thinks the community is a warm and friendly place. Brian L. says, “She is nice!”

Ms. Littell is our new first grade teacher. This is Ms. Littel’s tenth year teaching. She came from P.S. 203 in Bayside, Queens. She has taught pre-k, kindergarten, second, and she was a drama and dance teacher. She became a teacher because she also loves working with children. Ms. Littel’s favorite part of teaching is seeing smiling faces eager to learn each morning.

 One of our new second grade teachers is Mrs. Schieck. She has been teaching for four years. She taught at Intermediate School 111 in Bushwick, Brooklyn. Also, she taught at Monou Junior High School in Japan. She taught fifth, seventh, eighth, and ninth grades. Mrs. Schieck said, “Teaching has been my calling as early as the first grade. I always knew I wanted to teach. I loved school so much I never wanted to leave!” She came to Guggenheim because she liked the community of Port Washington when she visited it.

 Another new second grade teacher is Mrs. Pfeiffer. She has been teaching for five years. Before she came to Guggenheim she taught at P.S. 31 in Bayside, Queens. In Queens, she taught third, fourth, and second grade. Her favorite part of teaching is interacting with the children.

Guggeheim’s new fourth grade teacher is Mrs. Picciano. This is her fourth year teaching. Before teaching at Guggenheim she taught in Queens at P.S. 229. In her old school she taught kindergarten and fourth grade. Mrs. Picciano said, “My favorite part of teaching is sharing my love of reading and writing with my class. I also really like opening my day with kids.” Rebecca C. says, “She is really, really nice, and I like that she likes to have parties.”

There are two new fifth grade teachers. One of them is Mrs. Gianatiempo. She has taught for seven years in John J. Daly School in Port Washington, and has 15 years of teaching experience altogether. She became a teacher because she loves children and everyday is different. She enjoys sharing information and ideas as well as learning new things with her students. She came to Guggenheim because she loves teaching fifth grade so much that she was willing to switch schools for it. “She’s nice,” said Rose Ellen D.

The other new fifth grade teacher is Mrs. Miller. This is her eighth year teaching. Before she came to Guggenheim, she taught fourth grade, fifth grade, and third grade in Ozone Park, Queens. Her favorite part of teaching is watching students finally “get it” and see the light bulb over their head. Lindsay M. says, “She has a great sense of humor.”

Ms. O’Shea is also new to Guggenheim. She is a math specialist. This is her seventh year of teaching. She used to work at only Sousa. Now she not only works at Guggenheim, but she also works at Daly. Before she became a math specialist she was a classroom teacher. She taught fourth grade. Now she teaches kindergarten through fifth grade. She became a teacher so she can help children learn. She felt it was important to work with kids, especially those for whom school isn’t easy.

There are some other changes with the teachers this year. First of all Ms. Minsky got married and is now Mrs. Schneider. Another thing is Dr. Castillo changed grades, and is now teaching fourth grade instead of second.

Well, welcome new teachers to Guggenheim, and we hope you have a good year!

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