Red, White, and Blue Forever!!! 

by Sam R. and Nikki B.

Graphic by Arielle F.

Web design by Sam S. and Caroline F.

Did you notice the patriotic symbols that people have been wearing and displaying? How do you feel about those symbols?

In response to the World Trade Center tragedy, kids and adults have been wearing flag pins and red, white, and blue clothing. People have been putting flags up everywhere to show how strongly we feel about our nation. At baseball games, people have been singing God Bless America in addition to the National Anthem.

What is Guggenheim doing to show its patriotism? Well, Guggenheim has been putting flags up around the school, collecting money for the American Red Cross, and having a school wide gathering. On Monday, October 22, 2001, our school had an assembly. The whole school participated in a singing of My Country ‘Tis of Thee and America the Beautiful. The band also participated by playing America the Beautiful. The main idea of the ceremony was to present the money Guggenheim donated to the American Red Cross. We raised over $2,700!

These two editors interviewed Ms. Creash, asking her how she felt about patriotism. The first question was, how are elementary schools affected by the World Trade Center tragedy? Ms. Creash responded, “Teachers are working to make sure children feel safe. We all feel more patriotic and Guggenheim School looks beautiful with all the flags.” The next question was how do you feel about the safety in the school? Ms. Creash answered, “The children are very safe in school.” The last question was how do you feel about the World Trade Center tragedy? Ms. Creash responded, “I am still very, very upset. It’s hard to believe people can be so evil.”

Here are some feelings of kids. Nikki H., a fifth grader, says, “I feel good that people have been putting up patriotic symbols because it represents our country.” Brian N., a kindergartener, says, “I feel good about the patriotic symbols.”

America has been standing tall since September 11th. Keep up the patriotic attitude and keep up the symbols! Red, white and blue forever!!

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