Icing on the Cake

By Jessie S. and Emily W.

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This article has absolutely nothing to do with icing or cake...we just wanted to grab your attention. Well, now that we’ve got it, READ! No matter what your interests are, Guggenheim has a club for you.

This year at Guggenheim there are lots of school clubs. These clubs are three Computer Clubs, Art, Chess, Lunchtime Chess, Dance, First Grade Book Club, Garden Club, GuggenTimes, GuggenWeb, two Homework Clubs, Intramurals, Kindergarten Book Club, Recreation, Science, Second Grade Book Club, and Weather Club. Wow!

Mrs. Tiberia runs three Computer Clubs! One is on Monday and it is for Kindergartners and first graders. The second is for second and third graders, on Wednesdays. The third club is on Thursday and for fourth and fifth graders. Adam E. goes to Computer Club on Thursdays. Adam says, “Computer Club is REALLY fun because you get to play cool games. Also, Mrs. Tiberia is a computer whiz and she can help you with anything.”

Art Club is on Thursdays for fourth and fifth graders. It is run by Mrs. Illiano. In Art Club, you get to paint pictures on canvas and you learn about sketching.

At Chess Club, you become an EXCELLENT chess player. Also, you learn a whole bunch of tricks that help you to win a game of chess. Every Thursday, Mr. Conti runs it for fifth graders. There is one other chess club. That is Lunchtime Chess. It is every Tuesday, during (surprise, surprise) lunchtime. You learn how to play chess, and how to master the game. In Lunchtime Chess you get to go to tournaments, too. It is open to second through fifth graders. It’s run by Mr. Ganadi.

Mr. Makover and Mrs. Miles run Dance Club. Mrs. Miles used to teach at Guggenheim and still does the Dance Club. It’s on Fridays for third, fourth, and fifth graders. In this club, you learn dances and do a gym activity every week.

Mr. Makover also runs two other clubs. One is Intramurals. Intramurals is every morning except Friday at 7:45-8:15 am. Intramurals is only for fifth graders. At Intramurals you play sports, like Nerf Ball. “It’s really fun,” said Matt G.

The other club Mr. Makover runs is Recreation. That is every Tuesday afternoon. It is like Intramurals except when the weather is nice, you go outside and play kickball. Ryan G. and Zach K. said, “If you want to play fun games then go to Recreation!”

On Tuesday afternoons, Ms. Rauch runs Second Grade Book Club. When you are there you read a book and then you do an art project on it. “It’s sooooo much fun!” says Ricki S.

Science Club is on Thursday with Mrs. Miller for first and second graders. Mrs. Miller says, “I love watching the ‘little ones’ work.” Also, Morgan N. thinks Science Club is a lot of fun.

Calling all first graders! If you like to read then you should join....Ms. Traynor’s First Grade Book Club on Tuesdays. You should definitely try it!

Mrs. Mayer runs two clubs, both for fourth and fifth graders. The first club is GuggenTimes. At GuggenTimes you write articles for the school newspaper. Also you can draw pictures, take pictures and layout the articles. It is on Thursdays before school.

Mrs. Mayer’s other club is GuggenWeb. GuggenWeb works with GuggenTimes, by creating the web version of GuggenTimes. They not only do that but...they write about recent events such as movie reviews and sports stories. They even learn to do animations! If GuggenTimes wrote about recent activities then it would be old news by the time the newspaper came out. GuggenWeb is on Tuesdays, after school. GuggenTimes and GuggenWeb meet separately but work cooperatively.

Garden Club is on Tuesday afternoon with Mrs. Johnson. It is for third, fourth and fifth graders. Stacy K. says, “It’s really awesome.”

There are two different Homework Clubs. One is for third, fourth and fifth graders with Mrs. Hart on Wednesdays. And one with Mrs. Lerner-Frey meets on Thursdays, also for third, fourth and fifth graders. At Homework Club you do homework with friends.

There is another club run Mrs. Lerner-Frey. It is Book Club for First Graders, which is on Thursdays.

There’s one last book club. It’s for kindergartners with Mrs. O'Donnell on Thursdays. You have a lot of fun there. You do the same thing there as in the other book clubs.

Weather Club, for fourth and fifth graders is run by Ms. Pergament and Mrs. Goldstein. It is on Tuesday afternoons. It is SO much fun! You also get to be on television!

Mrs. Schneider runs Leadership. In Leadership there are two representatives from each class in first, second, third, fourth, and fifth grades. Leadership helps the community and school become a better place.

Well, we reporters guess we tricked you because "very little icing on the cake" does have to do with this article. Going to a club is an excellent way to start or end your day...it’s as good as icing on a cake!

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