Different...Very Different!

By David M. and Stephen N.

digital images by Jake L.

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Mrs. Mayer in the Pepito Room
Mrs. Wresch in her room, the cafeteria

Have you noticed the physical changes in Guggenheim School this year? If you didn’t, keep reading. The changes in Guggenheim include Mrs. Mayer and her new PEPito room and Mrs. Wresch and her new room, the cafeteria.

These reporters interviewed Mrs. Mayer to see what she thought about the change. She said, “I enjoyed the portable because all the classes could fit in it and I could see them more often, but moving was necessary for this year.” Asked about her new room she answered, “What I mostly like about the new room is that it is in the school building. It is small, but bright and cheery.” She told us how she teaches in the classrooms. “It means I have to travel on the PEPmobile cart with all my materials. I also have to adapt to the physical setup of each of the classrooms I go into.” She told us, “Moving to the new room was hard work.” She (and her husband who helped her) had to label 70 boxes and pack them up. Only 35 of them could fit in the PEPito room. The other 35 boxes and a lot of other things had to go into storage for this year. Some of her furniture is in other classrooms, like her paper cart in Mr. Martin’s room!

We asked some kids what they thought about the new PEP room. “I like the old PEP room better,” says fifth grader Jeff F. We also asked 1st grader Adam K. what he thought. He said, “I like the old PEP room better. I just do.”

Another major change was Mrs. Wresch moving from the portable to the cafeteria. Do you remember when she used to be in the room that Mr. Martin is in now? She had to make two changes in two years. These reporters asked Mrs. Wresch if she liked the change. “I am getting used to it. We are trying to make the room look as 'musical' as possible. I will make sure the children enjoy music wherever we meet.” How does it affect her program? She told us, “With the shortened music periods some lessons need to be modified.” She said, “I look forward to being in a new Music Room for the 2002-2003 school year.”

Here is what some people said they thought about music being in the cafeteria. “I like the old music room,” said Michael M., a fifth grader. Third grader Jessie Y. said, “I like the old music room because it was more quiet and fun.”

Did you know Mrs. Mulqueen moved, too? Well, she did. Asked about the changes, she said, “Change is never easy but I’m adjusting to my new room. I loved the view of the fields outside room 24. The room I’m now in is coming along. I’m constantly moving furniture around, trying new spots, and cleaning out what I don’t use.” Have you realized that Mrs. Schneider moved to the portable? These reporters interviewed her, too. Mrs. Schneider told us, “I like my new room, but I miss being around the rest of the teachers and children.” Mrs. Maroof also moved her room. She said, “I love my new room.”

These reporters interviewed Mr. Martin, who moved also. “The students and I have gotten used to our new room. We do a lot of things with other classes, so we are still part of the second grade community. There was very little space at Guggenheim this year, so some people had to change rooms. I said that I would not mind moving. Things have worked out just fine!”

Now you see that many teachers changed locations and how much work they had to do to make the change successful!

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