The Series of Unfortunate Events:

Book Series Review

by Taara S.

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These are some of the books in the Series of the Unfortunate Events.

This is catching everyone’s eye! The Series of Unfortunate Events is by Lemony Snicket. It is about three children: Violet, Klaus, and Sunny Bauledaire, whose parents die in the Bauledaire mansion, their house. They all have special talents that they use to help them. Violet makes inventions, Klaus loves to read, and Sunny bites everything. Mr. Poe, a close friend takes care of their money and tries to take care of their needs. He sends them to close relatives, or at least he thinks so. He first sends them to a horrible man named Count Olaf who tries to get their money in many different ways throughout the series.

This book is appropriate for ages 8-16. Sydney S. said, “These books were great right from the beginning when I started.” Many kids think these books are exciting, adventurous, mysterious, gloomy, and sad. The author explains words to you that he thinks you might not know. In every chapter the author leaves you in suspense. Kids love this series because they just get tangled in the books and they just won’t let go of them. Does this happen to you? Jai S. said, “This series sounded boring at first but when I heard everyone reading it, I tried it and I am just stuck in it.”

Kids learned about this series from their friends but Mrs. Livanos said she heard from us kids and she got all the books in the series right away. What do you think about this series? To find out go to your public library or our school library and read!

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