Mrs. Ajello Says Goodbye....

by Mark B.

Digital Image by Steve N.

Web Design by Taylor W. and Lauren E. teaching, but hello to a new job! Mrs. Ajello has been very popular in Guggenheim School for years, and now she’s the assistant principal. As a result, this reporter interviewed her for her opinion on her step up to assistant principal.

When I asked her if she liked her new room, she said, “It’s small, but I’m lucky that I’m not in the room a lot.” Another question was if she was getting used to being an assistant principal. She is seemingly happy with what she is doing as the assistant principal. Others are, too. “I think I am very lucky to be part of a school where Mrs. Ajello is involved,” said Mrs. Gianatiempo. Mrs. Ajello said that she missed having a class of her own, but she probably will not go back to being a classroom teacher. Michael A. said, “I think that Mrs. Ajello was one of the nicest and friendliest teachers even though she wasn't my teacher.”

Mrs. Ajello has been doing many read alouds to classes and she said that she would like to get to know more of the children in the school. “I think Mrs. Ajello is so nice and is a good worker,” said Leah N. Mrs. Ajello said that the one thing that she does not like about her new job is all the meetings that she has to go to. Then this reporter asked her if she likes being an assistant principal at two schools because she is also the assistant principal at Sousa. She said that what she would like to do is help both of the principals to make the schools a safer place so kids can learn and so that she can be available to all of the children. Then I asked her a big question, if she would like to be a principal! She told me, ”I would need more time to think about that!”

Now that all the questions have been asked and answered, I think that Guggenheim School is really lucky to have such a great assistant principal as Mrs. Ajello!

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