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Do you like sports? Well, if you do, here’s your info! More than ever! So read!

Will it be another baseball Subway World Series? This time will the Mets win? Or will it be a different match up? Maybe it will be a different kind of Subway Series. We can have Chicago Cubs playing Chicago White Sox. All we can do is wait until October. “The Yankees are going to win again,” says Robby L. and Jason S. “I hope it will be like last year,” says Mrs. Roberts. “The Yankees will definitely win,” says Emily K. These reporters think it seemed like they interviewed all Yankee fans!

The basketball playoffs are finally here! Will it be the Knicks and the Nets in the championship? Well, the Knicks have a chance but not the Nets! “Go Heat,” says Michael B. But Madeline L. says ,“Let’s go Knicks!” "Definitely Knicks!” Ms. Minsky told the reporters . “Go Knicks!” stated Mrs. Ghingo. These reporters got mostly Knicks and one Heat fan in here.

 The WNBA (Women’s National Basketball Association) is almost here! Will the NY Liberty win, or will the Comets win it for the fifth time? Will Rebecca Lobo bring the Liberty up to the top? Or will Sheryl Swoops bring her team to the top? Mr. Makover says, “I think that the WNBA is a great league for women, but I don’t really follow it.” These reporters interviewed Mrs. Vogeley. One of the questions we asked her what was her favorite team. She said, “The NY Liberty and The LA Sparks.” The next question we asked was what do you think of the WNBA? She responded ,“I think the WNBA is wonderful. Young girls may now continue to play basketball after their college years. If they work hard and believe in their dreams anything can happen." The third out of four questions we asked her was who do you think will be the WNBA MVP? Her opinion was, “Sheryl Swoops from the Houston Comets.” The final question we asked her was who do you think is going to win the WNBA Championship? She told us “ The NY Liberty.”

The XFL is the new football league. It’s trying to get popularity, but it’s failing. Nobody likes the XFL. People would much rather watch the NFL. These reporters asked some kids what they think about the XFL. Every kid these reporters interviewed didn’t know what we were talking about! I guess we’ve proven our point.

The NFL is on its way. But the draft is over. Last year the Giants lost in the Super Bowl to the Ravens. This year will it be the Jets? Or will the Giants and Jets play each other? "Definitely Jets!” say Hillary G. and Nikki B. That is it on football.

There’s your sports, folks, more info than ever!

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