Good bye Teachers!

By Jessica S., Hillary G., and Perry D.

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Do you know what makes an elementary school so special? Well it’s the teachers! When you get to Weber Middle School you don’t get to spend so much time with any one teacher, so while you’re here you have to enjoy it. But you can’t always enjoy it because the teachers do leave. This year Mrs. Rueck, Mrs. Werter, and Mrs. Olsen are the retiring teachers. You may think it's a sad thing, and of course it is, but the teachers have to leave sometime, and we should be happy for them!

Here are some of the teachers’ thoughts. Mrs. Rueck’s are first. Mrs. Rueck would like to travel with Mr. Rueck in their motor home. She would also like to do many activities she had no time to do as a teacher. Mrs. Rueck only has one goal she didn’t achieve while teaching. She didn't keep her room neat and tidy! Mrs. Rueck remembers her first day teaching. One of her students peeked into the classroom, saw Mrs. Rueck and started to run, yelling, “Mommy, Mommy I have a little girl for a teacher!” Mrs. Rueck started teaching in 1967 at Salem School. She came to Guggenheim in 1985. Mrs. Rueck loves to teach reading and hopes the students love it as much as she does.

Here are Mrs. Werter’s precious memories of her teaching career. Her clearest memories are the first day of school each year meeting the new class. She accomplished all her goals. Her favorite thing to teach is kindergarten. Mrs. Werter started teaching at Guggenheim in 1971 where she taught Pre-K. Her plans are to move to New York City to spend time with her grandchildren.

Now last but not least, a little information on our retiring fourth grade teacher, Mrs. Olsen. Mrs. Olsen plans to travel, exercise, work in the garden and do many other things when she leaves. Mrs. Olsen’s clearest memories are coming to Port Washington to teach and seeing the difference between Port Washington and San Francisco, where she used to teach. Her favorite thing to teach is science because the children love it so much. She didn’t achieve as many computer skills as she wanted to. Mrs. Olsen started teaching in 1967 in Westfield, New Jersey.

So in conclusion, we will miss our retiring teachers, but we have to let them do what they want to do and be happy for them.

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