Play Potpourri

by Jessica L., Allison R., Julie S., and Monica D.

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Get caught with the plays in Guggenheim School! There have been a lot of great plays going on throughout the school year, but the fun is not over yet. There will be five plays showing in the spotlight before the school year ends.

The first play that was presented this spring was the show that Ms. Ross and Mr. Martin’s classes performed. These classes researched the nine planets in our solar system. They chose to reveal their knowledge in a play. The students put their research into quotes about the planets. They took the tunes from songs and made up their own words. The kids each got put into groups, and each group was one of the nine planets. Their lines were information about their planet. This was a fun, educational play!

There was another play that was presented later in the year. It was called The Azimagooths and The Chizzlewinks. Mrs. Mulqueen and Mrs. Ajello were directing, but did not write this play. They picked this play because the school theme is respect and tolerence. This play is about two villages that do not like each other because they think they are so different from each other. The leaders of the villages want to keep a wall of fear between the two villages. At the end of the play the wall is taken down. This play is a musical. There is a V.I.P. -A Very Important Person- playing a very important role. Who was that? Do you remember?

The play Peter Pan caught all our attention. It will made you feel that you were flying to Never Never Land with Peter, Wendy, Michael and John. Here are some quotes of the students that were in the play: "We really liked doing it. It was fun," say Melanie R. and Jamie M. "It was good to be putting on a classic play in a school,” said Henry B. “It was an enjoyable play to work on,” claimed Jaclyn M. “It took lots of hard work, but it was fun!” said Rose Ellen D. There were a lot of parts in this play. Here they are: Peter, Wendy, John, Michael, Liza, Mr. and Mrs. Darling, Nana, the Lost Boys and Girls, Captain Hook, Mr. Smee, the Pirates, the Indians, Tiger Lilly, the Crocodile, grown-up Wendy, and Jane. The play was performed on April 19th. In this reporter’s judgment, most of the people liked the play. I hope you liked it, too!

Remember the kindergarten play last year and years before that? Well, this year it’s the same routine. The kindergartners are going to put on another play which is going to be a play called Free To Be Me. It was written by Mrs. Ajello when she was a kindergarten teacher. They looked at many other plays but they decided that the the kindergarteners would like it most. The teachers think that the older students will enjoy watching this play because they like seeing their brothers and sisters on stage. The kindergarteners will also like going on stage in front of their parents and older siblings. The kindergarteners like their play. The teachers almost decided on a circus play. How did they decided on this play instead of the circus? Well, the 5th graders already did this play when they were in kindergarten so the teachers didn’t want to do the same play. These reporters hope you enjoy all of the plays!

 A play that will happen near end of the year is The Wizard of Oz, by Ms. Minsky’s class. There will be three performances: June 20th, the night of June 20th, and June 21st, with a different cast for each play. “I’m both excited and nervous,” said Ms. Minsky. “It’s going to be great!” Katie M., who will be the wicked witch of the west in the evening play, said, “I’m really excited! It’s going to be so fun and cool.” Alyssa, playing Dorothy, agreed and added, “We’re going to do a great job!” So follow the yellow brick road and see Ms. Minsky’s class play!

This has been a great year for plays at Guggenheim School!

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