Collecting Katie’s Cows!

by Katie H.

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Now that I’ve got your attention...well, I don’t have anything against cows, but this is my article and you’re going to read about my five year memories of Guggenheim, NOT about cows (Sorry to all you cow-lovin’ people!). Now that I’ve told you that, I can really get started with my editorial, which is called Year By Year.(Good trick, huh?!?!) Now I’ll start with the real first paragraph which is...
Wow! I can’t believe that this is the last issue of GuggenTimes that I’ll ever work on! I remember when I started first grade, fifth graders came around to take a poll to decide what we should name our new newspaper. We also got our wonderful Guggi mascot around that time. Meeting Mrs.Rosenwald for the first time, I knew I was going to just love Guggenheim if everyone was as warm and friendly as she was, for I had just come to this school in first grade. After we had studied bears, we had Bear Day, where we sang bear songs, recited bear poems, told bear stories and facts, and ate some beary good food. On Dr.Seuss’ birthday, we made green eggs and ham!
My teacher, Mrs.Thomas, in second grade, always had a copy of a poem on everyone's desk, to color and fill us with new spirit. I especially remember my first book report ever, on A Little Princess. I was so mad when Mrs.Thomas wrote in red marker “Great!” over my first page! When Mrs.Thomas left because she was pregnant, Mrs.Mintz became our pemanent subsitute. She loved to read, and brought books to our classroom. She also brought her pet cockatoo, Precious!
In third grade there was Flat Stanley, who traveled all around the world, and then we (in a sense) traveled around the world too, to Israel, Mexico, China, Africa, and Brazil, by reading books, making passports, and finally having a great big feast with native foods of that country! Third grade was also the year that we studied rocks and minerals. I still have the hematite stone that I bought at our field trip!
Fourth grade, now let me think...that’s easy! As soon as I walked into Mrs.Kratenstein’s room, I knew that she would be the perfect teacher for me. She was organized and loved writing essays, art, and especially book reports! Always one or two (or more!) fabulous book reports a month! There was Kid’s Day, a day when the children became the teachers and she became the child, and lots of math. She adored math. I hated it, but Mrs.Kratenstein taught me differently. Now I always look forward to a math lesson,! Why, when we learned about fractions she used a big Hershey’s chocolate bar to help us learn about them! When we were practicing for our language arts test, we had to take a pretend one. It had so many mistakes! One of them that stands out quite clearly in my mind is that the test answers said that the word bellow meant a big smile! A smile is about as far away from a bellows as a mouse wants to be from a cat!
And fifth grade, why that’s still happening! All I know is that I’m learning a lot and I owe it all to Mr. McCormack.

Then there is P.E.P.... Mrs.Mayer has taught me so much, fom DNA to Mock Trials, Chocolate Capers to the Stock Market. I never knew there was so much to know!

The Daniel and Florence Guggenheim Elementary School...I’ll always remember you!
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