by Nikki B.

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Have you been doing acts of kindness? Have you ever paid attention to doing acts of kindness? Have you noticed a poster in front of Mrs. Haworth’s classroom? Have you been wondering what the story behind the poster is? You will find out about those questions and more in this article!

Mrs. Haworth’s class was honoring Martin Luther King, Jr’s birthday by doing acts of kindness. Martin Luther King Jr. taught many people how to be kind, how to have responsibility, and how to have courage. The students had to do acts of kindness and make a tally on a piece of paper. The students’ goal was to get over 750 acts of kindness. If a student did an act of kindness they also reported it on the Internet. Also, if you’re wondering how Mrs. Haworth’s class actually got the poster, you’re about to find out.

After reporting the acts on the Internet, the class waited to see if they were a National Champion School. Well, believe it or not they were! Instead of over 750 acts, they got over 1,000 acts of kindness! The class was very excited. The class still does acts of kindness regardless of the end of the contest. And they still put tallies on the paper to go over 2,000 acts of kindness!! The students learned how to be kind and how to help each other. Mrs. Haworth thinks that this was a great thing for the students to learn. This reporter thinks that it also was a great thing for the students to learn.

Even though Martin Luther King, Jr. died, he still taught Mrs. Haworth’s class how to respect, how to take on responsibility and how to take on courage. Now since you’ve read this article, give Mrs. Haworth’s class a big round of applause!

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