Sideways or Wayside?

by Allison. R

Web page and graphic by Kristin. N.


Need an easy and funny book to read? Pick up the Wayside School series and have a whole lot of laughs! There are three books in this series: Sideways Stories from Wayside School, Wayside School is Falling Down, and Wayside School Gets a Little Stranger. These are written by Louis Sachar, who also wrote Holes, Someday Angeline, and many more books.

Wayside School has 30 stories (levels of floors). The worker who built it was supposed to build it with 1 story tall and 30 rooms long, but he built it 30 stories high and one room wide! He also forgot the 19th story, so after the 18th story, it goes right to the 20th.

Mrs. Jewls teaches her class on the 30th floor. There is Benjamin Nushmutt, who everyone calls Mark Miller; Shari, who falls asleep and rolls out the window which is near her desk; Paul, who can’t resist pulling Leslie’s pigtails; Allison, who gets stuck on the non-existent 19th story with the non-existent teacher; Ms. Zarves, and many other students. There are also strange substitutes, Doctor Pickle, and sometimes even talking dead rats!

This is a great series to read for ages 7 and above! This reviewer highly recommends it!

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