Is There Too Much Violence On TV?

by Katie H. and Jessica S.

Graphic by Amanda G.

Web design by Shan S.

Most people in the US watch TV. A lot. Actually, they watch for at least six hours a day. But do you ever think of what you are actually watching?

We thought that most people would agree that most things that kids watch are inappropriate. Most kids watch rated R movies when they shouldn’t be. Also, everything is geared towards teens. Companies seem to rush us into growing up. But childhood is only once. Do we really want to miss it?

Back to the TV violence. Most people that we interviewed, though, didn’t agree with us. Our opinions are that too many shows are just too violent. But we seem to be in the minority. Maybe we’re right, and these children have been watching these shows for so long that they just don’t seem violent anymore. Or maybe we’re wrong. Maybe.

There are other things you can do, though, besides watching TV. How about going outside to garden? Play a sport? Read a book? Or even write an old fashioned letter? (You’ll definitely want to check out our Is Writing a Lost Art article in this issue). So stop being couch potatoes and go play. It’s hard to have a great time when you’re just sitting there. Enjoy Life !


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