Scooter Update

By Nikki B.

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What’s going on with scooters? Well, this reporter will tell you a little update on scooters. In West Babylon kids are doing a study on helmets. For example: why kids should be wearing helmets. They have to take a picture of them with a helmet on and then they can enter a contest. So in one town you can see wearing helmets is a big thing.

About 90,000 Kent Kickin’ Mini Scooters have been recalled because of loose handle bars. Consumers can call Kent International to get a replacement. Kash N’ Gold scooters have also been recalled because a joint between the handlebars can break. Six injuries have been reported in one county because of the recall.

This reporter did research on the Consumer Product Safety Commission website. She found out that from January 1, 2000 to November 15, 2000 there have been more than 30,000 trips to the emergency room. The most common injury was fracturing a bone. Most often the bones that get broken are arms and hands.

Other scooter facts: people say that children under 8 should not ride scooters. The month of September had the most reported injuries with 8,628. The new scooters usually cost from $50 to $120.

This reporter thinks that that amount of money could go to waste because of reported injuries. A lot of different scooters can be replaced at different stores if there is something wrong with your scooter. Now you can buy new scooter wheels for your scooter. They can be any color. Well, now you have it, the scooter update!

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