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What was your favorite gift for the holidays? There was a variety of different presents kids got, but many kids got the same gifts. This reporter asked students at Guggenheim what their favorites were.

Scooters, Poo-Chi, and Crazy Bones were predicted to be the most popular gifts this year. The predictions were right. Out of the whole school Crazy Bones were the most popular. Not many people either got or wanted Korean jacks or regular jacks. Also, not many people got or wanted clothes or a bike. Dolls were a little popular, but only for the kindergarten and 1st graders. A lot of people already have Game Boys so many people did not receive that, but lots of kids got Game Boy cartridges.






Two girls playing Nok Hockey.

"The best gift I got was a CD player," say Julie S. and Kristen D. Adam E.'s favorite present was tickets to a Knicks game. Haley K.'s favorite was a jacket that had alligator skin on it. It seems like the students at Guggenheim got the most popular presents this year which were the ones they wanted.

If you need to buy someone a gift, then here are some other suggestions: an i-Zone camera, a book and book mark, and music or computer CDs. Don't forget that you can always get them a gift that is not so popular, like Nok Hockey or Othello. These have been around for a long time and are always good choices. Also, you can always get them a gift certificate to one of their favorite stores!

 People playing Othello.


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