What You Do May Change the World!

by Hillary G. and Neala S.

Web Design by Ricki S.

Wait! Before we start this article, you have to pick up that trash that you just threw on the ground. Good. You threw it away.

Don’t ever throw anything on the ground AGAIN! The reason why we are writing this article is teach you never to litter again. First you throw the litter on the beach. Then it goes into the water. Then the worst step occurs: fish die and that happens when the fish eats the harmful litter:a can, a plastic bag, or a water bottle is swallowed by a fish or turtle very easily. After you have read this article, this should teach you a lesson about littering. Littering is very bad for all the fish that mistake litter for a tasty snack, eat it, and die and even if you like to eat fish, then that is a cheap way to kill your next meal. It is also very bad for the environment. If you keep littering then you might be the cause of the destruction of the o-zone layer.


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