Let’s Go Crazy With Crazy Bones

by Jessica L.

web design by Louise B.


Did you hear about the new fads in school? They are the newest game and fad, Crazy Bones. They are little plastic figures with an indented back. This repoter did some research on the Internet, and found that the company that makes them was formed in 1997. Each pack of Crazy Bones has a check off sheet with numbers. Each Crazy Bone has a number on it to check off what you have. Each Crazy Bone is a collectible item. Even if you have more than one of the same you might have the same one in a different color. If you don’t like, the subject of Crazy Bones that you have you can always get a pack of sports things. Jessica S. says, “I like to play the game but I don’t collect them.” Julie S. says, “I play with them but I like to borrow my sister’s when she collects them.”

This is how you play: First, you line up the Crazy Bones horizontally and your partner does the same thing facing you. Second, you flick yours to try to knock over your teammate’s Crazy Bones. Third, the winner is whoever knocks over the other person’s pieces first. Make sure you go crazy with Crazy Bones.

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