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Do you want to hear about something exciting that a lot of kids are getting into? It’s magic! There was a magic show done by students in Mrs. Drucker’s class, and it looked like everyone enjoyed it.

One of the popular aspects of magic is books involving magic. Mrs. Livanos says that many students are borrowing books involving magic, mostly magic tricks. She has biographies on famous magicians, including Harry Houdini. These are two of the great books that you might be able to borrow: The Abracadabra Kid by Sid Fleischman and... Abracadabra: Creating Your Own Magic Show From Beginning to End by Barbara Seuling.

Magic books have been renewed a lot, but none have been lost. One of the reasons Mrs. Livanos thinks magic is becoming so popular is because kids are reading Harry Potter books. She is not ordering any more magic books because all of the book ordering is done in the beginning of the school year.

This reporter’s cousin, “Magic” Al Garber, is a magician. He does a lot more shows than he used to. He does most shows for 3- to 10-year olds. The four most popular tricks are 1.) Appearance of Birds, 2.) Magic Drawing Board, 3.) Grandma’s Flowers, and 4.) Crack the Egg.

“Magic” Al’s favorite trick to do is the Appearance of Birds because of the amazing reaction from the audience. He usually does shows every week, and he tries to do them as much as he can fit them into his schedule.

One of the possible reasons that magic is so popular is because it doesn’t matter if you come from here or on the other side of the world because you don’t have to communicate verbally. All you need to be entertained by magic is your eyes. Also, people like to be surprised. Another one of the reasons magic is starting to become so popular is that there are more people who are performing magic.

As you can see, people are getting into the mystery of magic!

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