Guggenheim On TV!

by Ferheen C.

web design by Kristin N.

If you think being on worldwide TV would be exciting then you should ask Mr. Sficos’ fifth grade class from last year. They did an Olympic video clip right after Career Day. Ms. Palatella and Mr. Sherman, Guggenheim parents, helped. They gave Mr. Sficos the idea. They thought it would be a class play, but it was on world wide TV. They did the pictures and took the photos. The video has already been on MNSBC world TV one day during the recent Summer Olympics in Australia.

When Mr. Sficos’ students found out, they jumped for joy. They had entered video clips in a Scholastic Magazine contest. It was hard work but it paid off. It was only sixty seconds, but the students still jumped for joy. That just goes to show that miraculous things can happen. Mr. Sficos said when his fifth grade class did that he felt famous even though he was not shown. What a great career! Wonder what exciting activity he will do with his fourth grade class this year?

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