Up, Up, and Away!

by Mallory S.

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photo scanned by Mallory S.

Do you think balloons are only for decoration at parties? Well, they can also be messengers!

On Friday, October 6, Ms. Ross’ second grade class sent a personal letter from the students and a questionnaire up in the sky tied to four balloons of assorted colors. Ms. Ross got the idea from Mrs. Martin’s class, who did something similar. This reporter thinks that this is a good example of piggybacking on someone else’s idea!

It took Ms. Ross’ class one week to think of questions and another week to get the balloons ready, because it turned out that it wouldn’t work with one balloon, so that is why they used four balloons to a person. There are twenty kids in her class, so there were a total of eighty balloons!

Believe it or not, they got four responses! In Connecticut, it brightened a lady’s day on her birthday. A person from Cape Cod, Massachusetts got a “floating messenger.” A family coming all the way from Holland on a sailboat got it, and finally, a seventh grader from Centereach, Long Island, got one.

A lot of kids agreed on their favorite part. Nick C. said that his favorite part was,"When we set the balloons free." Lauren G. replied,"When everyone let the balloons go." Nick D. commented,"When the balloons were floating up into the air." Chloe S. thought, "Watching the balloons go up into the air." Jessica Y. said, "When we had a party in the classroom." She agreed with Emily B., who said that her favorite part was, "When all the moms came and we had a party."

This reporter can see that this was a great idea and that they are hoping to get more responses!


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