The Writing Lioness

by Katherine H.

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What do you think of a girl in disguise for four years becoming a knight? Or someone who can speak to and change into any animal of their choice? If you liked the Harry Potter books, you’ll probably like these. These books would most likely appeal to older children who like fantasy. Tamora Pierce is the author and a wonderful writer and person (I’ve met her). She has written three series and is in the middle of her fourth. They are called: Song of the Lioness, The Immortals, Circle of Magic and Protector of the Small. Here is a sample from the first of the Song of the Lioness series:

"You won’t find anyone smaller than you are, so you can’t beat on them,” the older boy said practically.“And after today we’re all going to think twice about whether you’re the weakest. Look, young Trebond - what did you think studying to be a knight was about?”

 Suddenly, Alanna felt much better.“Thanks, Highness.” She grinned. “Thanks a lot.”

 He put a hand on her shoulder.“You may have noticed my friends call me Jonathon, or Jon.”

 Alanna looked up at him, not sure what was going on.“ And am I your friend, Highness?”

 “I do believe you are,” he told her quietly.“I’d like you to be.” He offered her his hand.

 She took it.“Then I am, Jonathon.”

I hope that this encourages you to read some of Tamora’s books. I love them and think that you will too. “They’re just... GREAT!” says Jessie S., and Allison R. thinks that they are fantastic and thinks that more people should try them.

The books are full of adventure, suspense, hateful bad guys, and wonderful heroes and heroines. Soon you’ll be loathing The Duke of Conte just as much as Alanna (The Song of the Lioness), and celebrating the happiness of being with the pack with Daine (The Immortals).

So if it’s a rainy day and you’ve nothing else to do, grab one of these books! In order, they are: Alanna: The First Adventure, In The Hand Of The Goddess, The Woman who Rides Like A Man, Lioness Rampant, Wild Magic, Wolf-Speaker, Emperor Mage, The Realms Of The Gods, Protector of the Small Page. (Note: These books are easier to understand if you read them in order. You can find them in the Young adult section of the library.)

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