Team Teaching

by Monica D.

web version by Aaron S.

photo by Emily W.

Do you know that this year Guggenheim is trying team teaching in Physical Education? While interviewing Mrs.Vogeley, this reporter found that she has used this method with Coach Sperazza at Daly School. When asked if she liked team teaching with Mr.Makover she replied, “Yes, because two heads are better than one, and when we share ideas the kids have more fun.” Mrs.Vogeley also said that her favorite game to do team teaching with is Capture the Flag. This is because a lot of team work and cooperation is needed between the coaches and the kids.

She also stated that she likes it when two classes play at the same time. Mr.Makover is also team teaching Dance after school for kindergarten through fifth. Mr. Makover and Mrs. Vogeley work together in After School Recreation for fifth grade also.

Well, it seams that our Physical Education teachers are happy with this method and so are the students.

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