Speeding Scooters

by Neala S.

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Do you have a scooter? Well if you do, this article will tell you to BE CAREFUL! Over 9,400 kids have been sent to the emergency room because of broken bones, sprained ankles, and other dreadful experiences. Now I’m not telling you that scooters are life-threatening, but if you just go around riding on rails, steep downhill, and rocky terrain every day, and you’re not really experienced, then you’re probably going to the emergency room pretty soon. On the other hand, if you go riding on surfaces that are not steep or bumpy, then you are the type of person that can have fun, and when you’re experienced enough to ride on rough terrain and rails, Since it is the year 2000’s “fad,” it’ll be good to go by the motto “better be safe than sorry.”

Here are some questions I asked Mrs. Sellers, our school nurse, an expert on injuries, who also works at a hospital emergency room: 1. About how many kids get hurt in one day? 2. What have you seen happen? 3. What month have you had the most kids go to the emergency room because of scooter incidents? 4. What equipment do you think is most important? 5. Do you think that scooters should be changed safety-wise? Click here to find the answers.

This editorial should surely have convinced you about the dangers of scooters, if you’re not careful. So, be careful and be safe!



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