Help the Earth - Recycle!

by Allison R.

graphic by Amanda J.

web design by Maryann V.

How would you like it if the earth was extremely hot and almost everywhere was flooded? That wouldn’t be good. But that’s what will happen on the earth after a while if we don’t take better care. What can you do to prevent that? RECYCLE!!

If you want to help, you definitely can. You can recycle at home - paper, glass, cans, and plastic. Now we’re hoping to start a school wide recycling program. Its founders, Katherine H. and Kerry-Lisbeth D. feel that this is really important, and think that the school should start a paper recycling program. We will be able to recycle paper at school, and that, even if it’s only a little bit, will help.

“I think this program will help, and I think we need to help the earth,” says Katherine H. “We should try to prevent what’s happening as much as we can. What do feel about this idea? Do you think it’s important? Not needed? “I think this is important,”says Jessica L. “If we don’t, we’re wasting what we used only once.”“I think we need to recycle,” says Katherine C. “If we keep going on like this, the forest and our environment are going to be affected a lot more than they are now.”So now you can help! You can help the Earth! RECYCLE!


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