by Perry D.

graphic by Janeen F.

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This year we have a new school theme. It is called R.E.S.P.E.C.T. which stands for Responsibility, Esteem, Sharing, Politeness, Equality, Community, and Tolerance. This reporter interviewed Mrs. Ajello. She says that the teachers were concerned about kids being bullied and that’s why we have this theme. When asked if she thinks this will turn out good or not she says that she hopes so. Mrs. Ajello thinks this will help kids respect each other. At the end of the year Mrs. Ajello thinks our school will be a better place because of this. Something that is also new is the check system. Checks are marks that tell if someone has done something wrong at recess, being a bully or not respecting others. Earlier in the year almost all the kids signed a contract. This contract says that you have to respect the other children in this school. If these new rules work well we will all have a great school year!

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