Welcome Aboard!

by Julie S. and Perry D.

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 Welcome aboard to all the new teachers in the school! We also welcome the many teachers who have changed the grade levels that they teach. Many teachers have moved and many teachers are new to Guggenheim School for 2000-2001.

Mrs. Lerner-Frey is one of the new teachers. She is a Resource Room teacher. She loves Guggenheim. Before she came to Guggenheim, she taught in the Resource Room in Astoria, Queens for many years. She especially enjoys teaching reading. She likes traveling, bicycle riding, hiking, and spending time with her family, friends, and her dog.

Ms. Rauch, a new second grade teacher, loves Guggenheim. She thinks that everyone has been so friendly and helpful. Before coming to Guggenheim, she taught first grade at Remsenberg-Speonk Elementary school in Remsenberg. She likes to visit the Guggenheim library because she loves to read. She likes to jog, bike, hike, and snowboard. In the summer she likes to boat and head over to the beach.


Ms. Stein, our new psychologist, has been enjoying her time here. She did teach before coming to Guggenheim. Her favorite thing to do at Guggenheim is interacting with the children. She likes to rollerblade, read, and go to the movies.

Mrs. Hart loves Guggenheim. She taught first grade at Guggenheim as a replacement for Mrs. Kanterman last year. She also taught at Manorhaven School. Now she teaches third grade here. Her favorite thing to do at Guggenheim is to be with the children as much as she can. When she is with the children, she loves to read with them. She likes to play tennis, ski, cook, and spend time with her family and friends.


Mrs. Goldstein loves teaching first grade at Guggenheim. She worked at Daly last year. She also worked in New York City for two years. At Guggenheim, she likes to spend time with her first grade class. She likes to read, travel, and rollerblade.

Mrs. Maroof is a new teacher at Guggenheim and she is very happy here. She worked at PS 146 before this. She also worked at BOCES. When she is in school, she likes to teach her class. She likes to read and play with her dog.

This year many teachers have moved to a different grade. This reporter interviewed some of these teachers. When asked, “Are you happy about this move?" Mrs. Ajello said, “Yes, I am happy about moving to fourth grade.” Mrs. Ajello has never taught fourth grade before. Mrs. Smith has taught first grade for many years and now she is back there after teaching second grade last year. Mr. Sficos says it is too early to tell which grade cooperates better. Mrs. Martin, Mr. Conti and Ms. Ross also moved to a different grade level.

We welcome aboard the new and moved teachers to our Guggenheim ship!

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