A Different Place, A New Face

by Mallory S.

digital image by Katherine C.

web design by Shan S.


Have you had music in the portable yet or seen the new teachers in the old music room? If you have no idea what I’m talking about, let me tell you.

Mrs. Wresch and Mr. Feingold now teach their regular class music lessons in portable A. Mrs. Wresch said that she prefers her old room because it is closer to Mr. Feingold’s regular room. The piano tuner for schools in Port Washington, whose name is Ron Traxler, says that the piano might get damaged because it is hard to regulate the temperature in the portable, so the wood could expand and contract, which would cause it to crack. What Mrs. Wresch likes best about the portable is the view (you can see the playground from in the portable). What she likes least is the noise when she is teaching music and other classes are having recess right outside the room. This reporter agrees with her that it must be very noisy. Mrs. Wresch said that she is getting to know her new room. Change can be scary, Mrs. Wresch says, but she is also finding many new ways to organize instruments and teach musical games. She hopes to decorate the outside of the portable with students’ help. That sounds like a fun idea to this reporter. Though Mrs. Wresch misses her old room, she is starting to enjoy her new one.

The new teacher in the OLD music room is Mrs. Maroof. Did you see the extra rooms when they were being built in the old music room and wonder what they were for? They were built because Mrs. Traynor, the speech teacher, and Mrs. Stein, the psychologist, needed offices. This is Mrs. Maroof’s third year teaching. For the past two years, she has taught grades four, five, and six. She likes her room. She has eleven kids in her class. Mrs. Maroof decided to start teaching grades two and three because she loves kids and likes working with kids ages six, seven, and eight. She decided to come to Guggenheim Elementary School because she thinks the school is great and she thinks that the kids, teachers, and staff are wonderful people. This reporter agrees with her and takes this as a compliment to the whole school! :)

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