Big Classes, Big School!

by Nikki B.

digital image by Margaret B.

web design by George B. and Mallory S.

Are you wondering why there are some big classes this year? Well, you’re about to find out! This is an especially good article to read if you have a big class. This reporter interviewed Ms. Creash, asking her about the big classes. Let this reporter tell you a little about this issue.

When asked what changes will happen if the school gets too crowded, Ms. Creash said that we will need two new classes next year. Then this reporter asked who is most affected, teachers or students? Ms. Creash responded, "It will be hard on both teachers and students if we don’t get more space." The third question was, "What will happen if classes keep increasing?" Ms. Creash answered, The school will get more and more crowded." The last question was, "Do you think class size will go down in number?" Ms. Creash replied, "I hope so."

This reporter then got deeper into the article and got a paper that had all the classes on it with the number of students that are in each class. The biggest classes we have are all in the fourth and fifth grade.There are 3 classes in the fourth grade that have 24 students. In the fifth grade all the classes have 24 students! This is happening because more and more kids are entering the school. Everyone is involved in this issue because the kids have to be careful. If you are wondering why kids have to be so careful it is because kids would be knocking into each other and it would be very disorganized. The good thing is we have very organized teachers.The teachers have to be organized and the principal has to make sure that there are not too many kids in one class. Sometimes classes can get very hot during the afternoon because of all the kids in one room. A little tip for you is if you have a big class try to keep personal space when you’re on your rug or anywhere in your classroom. In physical education you can get hurt if your class is big because you can knock into someone. So, please, try to be careful! Mrs. Sellers doesn’t want more patients!

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