Alert! Alert!

by Katherine H.

digital images by Janeen F.

web design by Allie P.

 Ms. Postman, our friendly face at the door.

Stranger! Stranger! Do you worry about your safety at school? Well, if you do, you don’t have to anymore!

A few months ago we got a new security system. Why do we have one? To make sure that everyone is safe. Have you seen the lady in the lobby? Her name is Ms. Postman. Her job is to sign visitors to Guggenheim in and out. The back door has a little box with a button on it. Since that door is always locked, you have to push the button to open the door. There is a little camera through which Ms. Postman can see you and unlock the door.

Ms. Creash says that she wishes that we didn’t have to have this security system, but we do. And so far it seems to be working. So don’t worry, because you’ll be safe in this school!

 Our button link to Ms. Postman.

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