Memories of Guggenheim

by Sean M.

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Hello, fellow Guggenheimers! Unfortunately, this is is my last time writing for the GuggenTimes, so I have decided to write about my memories. As one of the fifth graders leaving in June, I have many recollections of Guggenheim to look back on.

One of my earliest memories is my valiant portrayal of Papa Bear in the classic Goldilocks and the Three Bears (I’m kidding!) in my kindergarten play. I guess everybody who has gone through the kindergarten play has had parts just as memorable. There was the primary playground where I used to play soccer. Those were the years I played on the playground equipment the most. Later on, when I moved to the big playground, it was kickball and a game called Suicide (and lots of arguing!). Of course, there were the popular fads going on in my grade, in sequence: Airheads, Warheads, Yo-yos, Pokemon, and recently, Korean Jacks.

Everybody has a favorite special. During my years here, I remember looking forward most to Physical Education, though I liked the other specials a lot, too. There were plays and trips and I even got through chorus. The Halloween and holiday parties were some of the most fun times I had at school. Hallelujah for the winter break!

I remember many fun times at P.E.P., from where I have experienced everything from DeBono’s Six Thinking Hats to the Mock Trial. P.E.P., to me, was a challenge a minute, and I loved every second of it...except algebra.

I will always remember the teachers I had at Guggenheim as very special people. My teachers were Mrs. Ajello, Mrs. McCabe, Mrs. Dermody, Mrs. Betsch, Miss Sellers, and my teacher this year, Mrs. Drucker. I will also remember my P.E.P. teacher, Mrs. Mayer. These special people taught me very much.

One of my fondest, if not THE fondest memory of Guggenheim I have involves the friends I made here. In my six years, I have made many friends and I will remember them always for their distinct personalities. I hope that I will keep these friends and make new friends in Weber.

Of course, another fond memory I have is (surprise, surprise) writing for GuggenTimes. I have always had fun writing, and the newspaper was great for me. I will always remember the GuggenTimes as one of the greatest writing experiences I will ever have.

In conclusion, I’d just like to say... BON VOYAGE, GUGGENHEIM! HOLA, WEBER! BYE, GUGGENTIMES! HI, SPARTAN TIMES! I may be sad to leave Guggenheim, but I’m happy at the same time! Don’t understand what I mean? You will when you go to Weber!

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